Do you know how practical and affordable gas generators are compared to bottled gas?

Save time and costs 

Laboratory gases are indispensable for a wide variety of analytical procedures. Gas generators have decisive advantages over bottled gas.

We want to take you into the world of gas generators and show you how you can find a practical, affordable, sustainable and reliable solution for your institute or laboratory by using your own gas generators.

Learn more about the advantages of gas generators in general and the advantages of Chromalytic's models:




Are you ready for on-site gas production?

8 good reasons for your own gas production in-house

Gas generators have decisive advantages over bottled gas and are the first choice in the laboratory when it comes to supplying high-purity gases.






Why gas generators from Chromalytic are the right choice

8 good reasons for gas generators from Chromalytic 

Get to know what is special about our products and learn more about our expertise.



Advantages from two worlds

Perfect combination of expertise in gas generators and quality compressors:

Chromalytic is a long-standing expert in gas generators - for you this means proven, competent reliability and the certainty that you can rely on your gas supply.

The heart of the generator is the compressor - Chromalytic is the only manufacturerin the field of gas generators that, as part of the Dürr Technik Group, equips its gas generators with high-quality, long-lasting compressors from Dürr Technik.

Dürr Technik has been an expert in the field of oil-free compressors for over 40 years. This guarantees the greatest safety and reliability and the optimal matching of all components to each other.

The combination of these two fields of expertise makes our gas generators something special.

Extensive product range

The right product for every application:
Our broad product portfolio offers exactly the right thing for your individual needs. No matter whether with or without a compressor and no matter how much nitrogen you need - we have reliable, compact devices that are also very compatible.

Find out more about our products in the overview.

Comprehensive advice + service

Our experts will provide you with friendly and competent advice on your individual needs.

Our equipment service team provides support for users of laboratory and light industrial gas generators, including nitrogen, hydrogen and zero hydrocarbon air units. We service a wide range of device brands and models, covering the most popular models.

Up to 5 years warranty

Quality is our top priority and we want to give you a secure feeling from the moment you receive your device.

With the optional extension of the warranty period, you benefit from additional security of up to five years.


Our generators are attractive in terms of total cost of ownership. Benefit from the higher quality of a Chromalytic gas generator at lower operating costs.
Compare the operating costs and get to know our cost calculation tool.

Quiet in laboratory operation

Chromalytic gas generators are particularly user-friendly: the low noise level of our devices maintains concentration while working in the laboratory.

From users for users

We know what customers want. Through our many years of service for all suppliers, we know what users are really looking for. Our Chromalytic gas generators were developed due to the dissatisfaction of many users with the devices available on the market. Not only in terms of performance and handling, but also in terms of design, customer expectations were taken into account and implemented by our development engineers.

Long-lasting aesthetic devices

Our design incorporates insights from everyday user life, e.g. compactness, but also optical requirements, as the devices are visible in the laboratory and should be integrated in a modern and attractive way.



Take control of your budget

Calculate your savings compared to bottled gas 

Our HF Series gas generators are designed to provide maximum performance and efficiency while reducing costs and environmental impact. With our cost calculator tool, you can compare the payback time with the cost of gas cylinders and see the potential savings in real time.






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