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In today's world, sustainability and availability are increasingly important issues, especially in light of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. At Chromalytic, we're committed to providing our customers with sustainable and reliable solutions, including our in-house gas generators. Our generators offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gas cylinders, ensuring a steady supply of on-site generated nitrogen at any time. By choosing our generators, you can avoid the hassle and expense of ordering, storing, and maintaining gas cylinders.

Our HF series generators are designed to deliver maximum performance and efficiency, while reducing costs and environmental impact. To help you see the cost savings and environmental benefits of choosing our generators over gas cylinders, we offer an ROI calculation tool. This tool allows you to compare the payback time of our HF series generators with the cost of gas cylinders and see the potential savings in real time.



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1 year & 3 months

Payback period

10k $

Total saving over 9 years

Why Gas Generators?

Beyond the cost savings indicated by our ROI calculator, choosing Chromalytic's in-house gas generators for your LC-MS or analytical application offers a range of additional benefits:

  Gas Generator Gas Cylinders
Comfort • On-Demand gas production
• Low maintenance
• Requires daily or weekly Monitoring
• Frequent Replacements
• Requires Space or special room
Purity • Uniform and steady high Nitrogen purity • Varying Purity Levels from a cylinder to another
Efficiency • Fast Payback
• Low Running Costs
• Continuous and Unlimited Gas Supply
• Increasing delivery and rental costs over time
• Equipment downtime during cylinder replacement
• Gas supply interruptions at inconvenient times.
Safety • Minimal gas storage requirements
• Low pressure gas storage
• Health and safety risks associated with transport, storage, and handling
Environmentally friendly • No delivery or collection required
• Energy-efficient
• Low carbon footprint
• The frequent production and delivery of gas cylinders have a negative
impact on the environment

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Gas generators have many advantages over gas cylinders, as shown in the comparison table. They provide comfort by producing gas on-demand with low maintenance requirements. Gas generators also offer uniform and consistent high nitrogen purity, fast payback, low running costs, continuous and unlimited gas supply. In terms of safety, gas generators require minimal gas storage with low-pressure gas storage, which eliminates the risks associated with the transport, storage, and handling of gas cylinders. Furthermore, gas generators are environmentally friendly, as they do not require delivery or collection, are energy-efficient, and have a low carbon footprint. Overall, gas generators provide a reliable, cost-effective, and safe alternative to gas cylinders for laboratory and analytical applications.

Our in-house Gas Generators

An LC-MS instrument in a typical analytical laboratory, works almost 8 hours per day, an average of 20 L/min of volume flow is needed, 25-30 cylinders are used to fill this consumption. At first, you might think that using cylinders is cheaper than a nitrogen generator, every cylinder needs a minimum of 10-15 minutes time to be replaced safely, 5-6 hours are consumed monthly to replace them.

Our products, the HF-series Nitrogen generators, are specifically designed to meet the high-flow and consistent purity demands of LC-MS instruments and other analytical instruments. We take great pride in the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every aspect of our products, from using our own high-quality, oil-free air compressors to selecting the most reliable components. Our goal is to ensure that our customers have the best experience with our generators, providing a dependable and cost-effective source of high-purity Nitrogen for their critical applications.


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