Return on investment calculator

Nitrogen Generator Vs. Gas Cylinders

Why Use a ROI Calculator?

Sustainability and availability are major topics these days. Climate change and the Corona pandemic made people think twice on using reliable and sustainable services and products. This is in accordance with our mission to offer our customers Green Air and sustainable generated nitrogen. An alternative to gas cylinders is in-house gas generators, which will ensure your demand at any time with a lower cost and sustainable on-site generated nitrogen.

Determine the payback time of the HF30A compared to gas cylinder costs with our ROI calculation tool.


ROI Calculator



1 year & 3 months

Payback period

10k $

Total saving over 9 years

How to Use the ROI Calculator?

Our return on investment calculator will give you a comparison between different nitrogen sources depending on your personal usage and LC-MS application: Nitrogen Gas Cylinders in comparison to In-house Nitrogen Generators with included compressor.

What are the variables ?

Nitrogen Source:

1. Gas cylinders/bottles

Gas cylinders vary in their volume and need to be replaced regularly. Along with delivery, rental and replacing charges, nitrogen cylinders have a lot of hidden costs, such as user training, safety protocols and environmental taxes. In our ROI calculator tool, we consider the needed cylinders per month as well as the delivery and the rental charge per month.


An LC-MS instrument in a typical analytical laboratory, works almost 8 hours per day, an average of 20 L/min of volume flow is needed, 25-30 cylinders are used to fill this consumption. At first, you might think that using cylinders is cheaper than a nitrogen generator, every cylinder needs a minimum of 10-15 minutes time to be replaced safely, 5-6 hours are consumed monthly to replace them.


2. In-House Nitrogen Generator

An in-house nitrogen generator with included compressor produces nitrogen according to the LC-MS usage. A nitrogen generator uses the ambient air within the laboratory to produce nitrogen. Which means that nitrogen is generated autarchy and only when it is required. Variables here are the initial purchasing costs for such a generator and the occurring maintenance costs such as the yearly filter exchange. The huge advantage of the Chromalytic nitrogen generator HF30A are the lower maintenance costs which are caused by the maintenance interval of the compressor maintenance. The head-kit of the A-200 compressor within the HF30A needs to be replaced only every three years. HF30A Nitrogen generator



What are the results?

The graph shows you a comparison of the ownership costs over 9 years for the three different solutions: nitrogen gas cylinders, Chromalytic HF30A, competitor in-house nitrogen generator.
The calculator indicates the payback period of the ownership costs of the gas cylinders compared to the Chromalytic HF30A nitrogen generator. In our result table it is called payback period.
A third result variable is the saving over the period of 9 years when using a Chromalytic nitrogen generator, HF30A.



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