HF30P - Nitrogen Generator with integrated compressor and pneumatic control system

HF30P - the pneumatic version of the HF30A

High nitrogen quality - low costs

  • Nitrogen generator with premium compressor and pneumatic control system
  • Proven 3-stage air filtration and high-quality separation membrane for improved N2 purity
  • Low acquisition and operating costs



Nitrogen Generators for your analytical applications

The HF30P complements the product range with an attractively priced variant for your analytical applications. The nitrogen generator has a pneumatic control system and is ideal for use in laboratories where a dependable and affordable source of nitrogen is essential and is suitable for all laboratories, especially where a high pressure clean air source is not available at the point of use. The device is optimized for the current LC-MS systems (liquid chromatography /mass spectrometry) used increasingly in analytical laboratories.

The heart of the HF30P is a premium oil-free compressor from Dürr Technik. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the nitrogen generator can be placed anywhere. The use of the highest-quality components combined with our know-how in oil-free technology ensure low-maintenance operation and an extremely long service life. This in turn is reflected in the lowest life cycle costs in this class.

Optimally suited for the following applications

Dependable and durable nitrogen source for LC-MS instruments including:

  • Identification of medicinal products, veterinary medicinal products and plant protection products
  • Research and development laboratories
  • Chemical analysis applications
  • Food technology, e.g. determination of acrylamide in foodstuffs

Technical Data

Volume flow at 0 bar 32 l/min
Purity up to 99.5 %
Max. delivery pressure 7 bar
Typical dew point -40 °C
Ambient conditions +5 to +35 °C
Noise level at PN 59 dB(A)
at 1m
Weight 123 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 800 x 605 x 695 mm
Nominal voltage 230 V AC
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Nominal power 1.5 kW
Protection class IP54 IP
Duty cycle S1  
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