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Our products are the result of decades of experience and expertise in laboratory gas generation and bring the latest developments in nitrogen generation.
We offer gas generators that are perfectly-matched to your individual analytical applications.

Nitrogen generators for the production of nitrogen
Nitrogen is a relatively inert gas used in numerous industrial applications. In day-to-day laboratory and industrial operation, a continuous supply of high-quality nitrogen is often required, such as for analytical instrumentation supply. It is strongly advised that nitrogen is produced in-house to ensure a continuous and stable nitrogen supply is available, as pressure drops in the supply will cause instrument errors and halt analysis. An additional advantage is that  when nitrogen is produced directly on site, the required gas production  can also be matched to actual demand, reducing wastage and reducing energy consumption.The nitrogen is obtained from the ambient air by a compression, separation and three-stage filtration process. Our nitrogen generators are often used for liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC MS). LC-MS systems require a high-purity supply of inert or unreactive gas to effectively analyze chemical components of samples to very low levels with the desired sensitivity and reproducibility.

Zero air generators for the production of clean, dry and hydrocarbon-free air
Zero air is a specially prepared air that contains less than 0.05 parts per million (ppm) of hydrocarbons, achieve by filtration, then catalytic degradation of residual hydrocarbons in a heated precious-metal catalyst.

Zero air is thus a very clean source of air, essentially free from hydrocarbons and particulates and is used in various laboratories for sensitive applications, e.g. as a flame support gas in gas chromatography analysis.
Our zero air generators are often used for gas chromatography (GC). GC systems require clean, dry, hydrocarbon-free air at flow rates typically up to 450 ml/min per detector, and at pressure up to 6 bar (check your manual or ask us for the recommended flows and pressures for your instrument).

We offer our innovative, durable products that produce gases such as nitrogen and zero air in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way.




High-quality compressed air for the production of gases
Gas generators require oil-free compressed air, because the demands on compressed air for laboratory applications are particularly high.

Our partner Dürr Technik offers high-quality compressed air sysstems for gas generators without integrated compressor.

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