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NEW and Coming soon: MG-Series for AB-Sciex and Bruker LC-MS, Zero Air Generators and UHP Nitrogen Generators for GC

Chromalytic is growing and will soon offer more laboratory generators such as zero-air generators

The HF nitrogen generator series (without built-in compressor) is supplemented by two further generators: HF30N-MG and HF30-60MG. The two generators are specially designed for the on-site generation of nitrogen and the supply of dry instrument air for LC-MS instruments from the manufacturers AB Sciex and Bruker.  The nitrogen generators will go into series production at the beginning of April.
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More to HF30N and HF60N

In May you can look forward to the launch our new ZA (Zero Air) series of zero air generators. The ZA1 and ZA3 models generate hydrocarbon-free gas from compressed air. Zero air is used e.g. as fuel gas for GC detectors GC-FID, GC-NPD, GC-FPD.

More to ZA1 and ZA3

Stay tuned - We will also have a new solution for Make-Up Gas for GC applications in the first half of the year. Our UHP nitrogen generator series is in the final development phase. Follow us on LinkedIn and stay up to date.


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