New Nitrogen Generators HF30N and HF60N

Chromalytic has extended its product portfolio of laboratory nitrogen generators for LC-MS applications.

In addition to our flagship all-in-one nitrogen generator, the HF30A,  we now offer the compact HF30N and HF60N nitrogen generators, designed without an integrated air source. These 32 L/min and 64 L/min appliances are ideal for use wherever a central or local compressed air supply is already planned or installed, such as a Dürr Technik oil-free compressor station. Our ‘HF’ Range of generators are compatible with all the common LC-MS instruments like Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters, Thermo etc. and are characterized by their reliability, low total life cycle costs and extremely long service life.

You can also look forward our range of zero air generators in early 2021 and we will continue to expand the gas generator portfolio considerably with other Nitrogen, Zero Air, UHP Nitrogen, and Hydrogen generators.

Chromalytic is your expert partner for laboratory gases.

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