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Your Partners for Gas Generation:
Chromalytic supports all laboratories with a need for nitrogen, hydrogen or zero air to ensure that they have the flow and purity required for theirapplication.
Our experienced, manufacturer-trained team have the ability to service and repair gas generators and compressors from all leading manufacturers


Your Partners for Chromatography:
As Agilent-trained, multi-vendor instrumentation engineers (LC, GC and MS), Chromalytic supports the whole system, from gas supply to software and all components in between, thus ensuring you have the qualified and experienced support required to optimise the entire system.

Chromalytic can advise you on the hardware best suited to your needs and secure you a competitive price through our partnerships with leading manufacturers.

Chromalytic has invested over 15 years of experience and expertise into the design and build of a range of generators that will rival any other brand in terms of build quality and cost of ownership. The Chromalytic range is Best in Class for Cost of Ownership, maintained through our continuous improvement policy.

Our equipment is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 accredited Quality System, so you can expect quality, reliability and operator confidence on all our products.

In addition, full QC and performance testing is carried out on our units, all of which are compliant with UK, European and International product design and safety regulations.

The result is innovative engineering using the highest quality components to offer a reliable, long life, whilst also being priced very competitively.

Finance options:
While all of this may have once been unattainable for growing labs, we offer Lease Finance options for all equipment for simple fixed cost of ownership (subject to acceptance).

Chromalytic – Supporting every part of the chromatography system

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